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The following slide show and videos offer a glimpse into the Veterans Afield Program.  Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with our activities.

Our Programs



The Veterans Afield Foundation works together with many corporate and non-profit organizations in order to best serve our veterans, first responders and gold star families.  Through an extensive list of hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities, we engage in a wide variety of interests.  It is our goal, through these programs, to provide a pathway for regeneration and healing.  By hosting small group outings,  we create new life long friendships and a network of support.  




Kicking Bear

The Kicking Bear Ministry is a nationwide faith-based, non-denominational youth program.  We have partnered with them by having veterans volunteer to mentor youth at their camps, and help connect gold star youth to the Kicking Bear Program. Click on the button below to find out more about Kicking Bear or how to get involved with a camp near you.

Maine Disabled Veterans Moose Hunt

The Maine Disabled Veterans Moose Hunt is a unique  program that utilizes injured veterans to help mitigate moose related crop damage to farms in northern Maine.  Much more than a unique hunting trip, this experience allows  veterans the opportunity to share time together afield and around the table, away from the pressures of life.  The program is a partnership between Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Maine Bureau of Veterans Services, and the host facility Smoldering Lake Outfitters. 

Personal Stories of Veterans Afield Vets on Mossy Oak's " Honor"

Jack "Rusty" Stottlemire joined us for the veterans moose hunt.  Here is his incredible story, as told by him, on Mossy Oaks Honor series.

This Mossy Oak Honor series is on Veterans Afield Foundation Vice President, Jack Zimmerman.  In it you will see our program in action as Jack tells his personal story.

This Mossy Oak Honor series is on Veterans Afield Foundation Director, Adam Berkemeier.